Friday, June 30, 2006

Very funny!

OK, it seems to me that God has quite the sense of humor where I'm concerned lately.

Last night, while trying to get settled in for bed, I decided to talk to God for a minute, and ask for His direction with our school plans.

Today my husband lets me know that he received a small bonus, and though he wants to buy something baseball related for Austin's fall season, the rest I can do with as I wish. Right here I'll insert that I had pushed My Father's World out of my mind because of a lack of funds to purchase it, after I had bought the things I did at the convention. Also, I was considering purchasing a reading curriculum like Bob Jones or Abeka for Austin, but again, no funds.

Now I have funds. Unfortunately, He forgot to attach a memo letting me know what I should use the funds towards. MFW? Bob Jones reading? Abeka reading? Reece's RDI evaluation deposit?

Yeah, very funny! Thanks a bunch! ;) More decisions!


Natalie said...

Amazing how things like that work out. Good luck on your decision!

Jan said...

Oh that's great!!