Saturday, June 03, 2006

Movie Review: DaVinci Code

I was very interested in seeing this movie, even though I've never read the book. Throughout my area, many churches are doing sermon series on "Busting the Code" or "DaVinci Code Myths". There was even a sign on a church board that I pass that says "Remember: The DaVinci Code is a work of Fiction!" Yes, I know that! But it seems that the church is giving this book/movie alot more attention than it deserves. I'm not sure why everyone is so afraid of it.

This movie reminded me SO much of National Treasure! There was a scene where Tom Hanks' character is looking at words to figure a code, and the letters highlight just like they do in the scene in NT where the kid is getting the code from the Silence Dogood letters! Then it also reminded me of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade because of the 'grail'. (One character says they need a grail expert and I immediately thought "You need Dr. Jones!")

Pros: I love a good mystery! And Gandalf, I mean, Ian McKellan is always enjoyable to watch! I do like Tom Hanks' acting... but he's not much of a character actor. I always see Tom Hanks in his movie characters. The storyline was very interesting, too! (Just like there being an invisible map on the Declaration of Independence! ::wink wink::). It moved fairly quickly, too... didn't realize that it was 2+ hours long! It didn't feel like it anyway! OH, and this movie has the distinction of being one of the few that startled me so much that I jumped up in my seat and screamed out loud! Terribly embarrasing!

Cons: Too much looking at the dead body... too violent, overall. And whose bright idea was it to cast Jean Reno as the antagonostic French cop when he JUST played the French cop in The Pink Panther! That was hard on the brain! He's a good actor though... like him! I also think I would have liked it more without Tom Hanks as the lead. He's a great actor, don't get me wrong. But I couldn't get into Robert Langdon... kept thinking Tom Hanks. In NT, I was able to get into the character of Ben Gates without thinking over and over "Nicholas Cage".

So that's about it... not going to discuss any theology because I don't really believe that's what this movie was about. At least not to me. To me, it's an adventure story where they took a real event or person and gave it a twist. It doesn't rock my faith, or make me question anything about Jesus. :)

2.5 on the Savvy Scale.


Anonymous said...

You were able to forget that was Nick Cage in National Treasure?! Clearly you're far more talented than I, Jen. ;o) I thought NT was fun, but really wished the casting had been different. (Heck, I'd have been happy if they had just reveresed the casting of Nick Cage and Sean be-still-oh-my-heart Bean!)


Barbie said...

I actually read the book cuz if I am going to argue against something I like to know what I am talking about:-) When I was reading it I kept thinking THIS would make a great movie lol

Niffercoo said...

Abbey, I'm not a huge Nicholas Cage fan, so maybe that's why? I've only seen him in a couple of movies!

I too would have ADORED a switch in leading roles. I wonder when Hollywood is going to realize that Sean Bean makes an excellent leading man/hero!? I'd hoped his portrayal of Odysseus would have done that, but alas, he went back to the bad guy right away. :( We can keep hoping right?

Niffercoo said...

You should go see the movie then, and let me know if it reminds you of National Treasure!

I think I will try to read the book this summer! I need to branch out beyond the world of autism research for awhile! lol