Monday, June 19, 2006

Just skip this!

I'm just blogging this because it came to me just a second ago and I'm afraid I'll forget. So feel free to just pass this by! :)

OK, history... continue with SOTW 3? Use the sample narrations from the AG as 'fill in the blank' activities for Austin. Wow, lots of typing for me but I think it would be helpful for him. This would be after he has already narrated orally to me. Could keep traditional narrating and possibly copying for Riley. Introduce CHOW and the accompanying workbook to Austin when we hit 'logic' stage which for him will be 6th grade, I suspect. Have him do the workbook outline in the place of the WTM recommended outlining. So that will be some extra reading, but it wouldn't be too much because he'd use it over several years instead of in one year. It would also help with the outlining because the premade outline would help him fill in the blanks without having to choose the important parts on his own just yet. Riley would outline and do additional reading more in line with the WTM, possibly the Kingfisher Encyclopedia, or outlining SOTW itself (once she hits logic stage, but that's a few years away... I know, not supposed to be thinking that far ahead, it's hard.).

Hmmmm... OK, my brain works hard when I'm decluttering! ;)


Jan said...

LOL! You are too funny!
I need to get back to working on next year. It's going to slip up so quickly.

Niffercoo said...

Hey! You weren't supposed to be reading that! ;)