Monday, June 12, 2006


Today was Reece's 2nd day of her gymnastics class! There were only 3 children today, instead of the 5 who were there last week! I still cannot believe I found this class (one hour of creative movement/gymnastics/social play), taught by these teachers (a physical therapist and an occupational therapist), for this price ($100 for 8 classes). If if didn't take me nearly an hour to get there, it would be perfect!

Reece really enjoys this class, and the teacher has alot of nice things to say about her! Apparently she was pretty wound up today, which is good and bad! She was running around a little too much! But she comes back when the teacher asks her to. We just have to get her to work on sitting still, and staying there, without so many reminders. She did pretty good with talking to the other children, and it helped that there were only the two there today.

Austin and Riley played on the playground outside. Oh gosh, I forgot to mention! This gymnastics class is being held at a church... on their INDOOR playground! Have you ever heard of a church with an indoor playground? It's like a miniature Chuck E Cheese right smack dab in the middle of the church! LOL Anyway, the big kids got permission to play on the outdoor playground and they had a nice time running around! I got to speak with the mom of the other autistic child in the group. We compared doctors, therapies, supplements! It was sort of fun! Sort of like finding someone who can talk about homeschooling! LOL

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