Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Summer School plans

Next Friday is our last 'official' day of school for this school year! We've really been winding down now for the last month or so, but next Friday will be official. The week after that everyone will be going to VBS. Then we will start our summer school schedule.

Summer School this year will consist of math, reading, and writing. For Austin, that means continuing on in his Math U See book, and making sure we get to all the fun math games. He will also read daily, and we'll start the IEW workshop. Also, we will do a journal back and forth to each other. For Riley, she will continue to work in the Challenging Word Problems 1 book that I bought her, which is not the least bit challenging yet. She will also read daily, and she will do a journal as well!

We'll do 3 days a week in June, 2 days a week the first 3 weeks of July, then we'll take a break before we start our new school year in early August!

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