Friday, May 12, 2006

Last Day of Preschool

It seems like yesterday when Reece's first day of preschool was upon me, and I was praying for her to have understanding, loving teachers. Those prayers were answered in the forms of Ms. Angie and Ms. Donna. I couldn't have asked for more wonderful ladies! They were patient, and loving, and really let Reece move at her own pace. They allowed her to get used to the classroom and didn't force her into anything. They knew that if they made circletime interesting enough, she would join them! I am so thankful for these two ladies! Reece will miss them, and so will I! I pray that her teachers next year are as loving and kind!


Barbie said...

Oh how CUTE is she!! I am so glad "peaschool" was such a great experience for her!!

Jan said...

Oh!!! How wonderful!