Thursday, May 18, 2006

An Important Message

I would like to encourage those of you with the time (and perhaps a high-speed connection) to check out Autism Every Day . This is a 13 minute peek into the lives of several families who have children with autism. I watched last night and cried. I cried because I understand. I cried because one little girl reminds me so much of Reece. I cried because I've done the screaming child in the park/store/parking lot/playground/playgroup. I cried because I've done the chasing a child while praying that you make it to them before they make it to the street. I cried because I know the gripping fear of looking up and realizing that your child has wandered away - again.

I also cried because I see that things for my children are hard, but they could be worse.

If you can, check it out! 1 in 166 children are affected by an autism spectrum disorder. Chances are, if you don't already know one, you will one day. This video can help us all to be a little more understanding.

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