Sunday, May 07, 2006

Convention Report

There isn't much that can compare to the state homeschool convention, at least not in my eyes! One of my favorite parts of the convention is just looking around and seeing all these other homeschoolers! We're all walking in from the parking lot... all of us homeschoolers! We're all looking around at curriculum, talking to old friends, sharing tips about a book with a stranger... all of us homeschoolers! It makes me realize that even when I feel very isolated, and like I'm on this very strange lonely journey... that I'm not alone!

I had taken my spreadsheets along with me, and was prepared to buy some things, look at other things, and maybe find a new thing or two! :) Here is a summary of what I came home with, it won't be complete, but it will give you an idea of what our year is shaping up to look like! I will work on getting links up later, if I have time!

Things I bought that were planned purchases:
  1. MUS Delta
  2. Singapore Primary Math 1B and 2A
  3. HWT Workbooks (Printing Power and Cursive Success)
  4. Writing Trails in American History
  5. Visual Perceptual Skill Building on CD-book, from the Critical Thinking Company
  6. One Small Square:Pond (a book for science)
  7. Jonathan Park Audio CDs from the VisionForum folks

Things I bought that I had planned to look at and make my decision at convention:

  1. Prima Latina - Everyone tells me it won't take longer than 5 minutes or so a day! ;)
  2. Rod and Staff English 4 - I couldn't find anything I liked better!
  3. Beautiful Girlhood/Boyhood and Beyond

Things I bought that were found/decided upon at convention:

  1. Institute for Excellence in Writing Student Intensive A - we're going to use this at half the suggested speed, and start over the summer. This program is the model for the "Writing Trails" program I bought, plus more. It was fairly expensive, but it is completely reusable and has a 100% money-back guarantee. I am hoping it will help me teach Austin to write better. That was his lowest sub-score on his testing.
  2. HWT magnetic board and pieces - too cute and reasonably priced to pass up
  3. Wordly Wise 3000 A&B - these will be to help Austin formally on his vocabulary, which was his 2nd lowest sub-score. These are the 1st and 2nd grade books, but that's about where his vocabulary falls (unless he is talking about baseball or engines! lol).
  4. The Iguana Factor - board game for multiplication!! I've been looking for one!
  5. First Steps to Building Thinking Skills - this is for Reece, and I chose this one instead of the Rod and Staff Preschool workbooks. She doesn't need so much help with letters and numbers and colors part of school readiness, as she does the thinking skills part of it!

Things I went to look at and decided against:

  1. Abeka Language Arts
  2. BJU Language Arts
  3. Junior Analytical Grammar

Things I wanted to buy at convention, but they didn't have:

  1. Typing Instructor Deluxe
  2. Lauri Perception Puzzles
  3. "Hands on Science" books
  4. Sequential Spelling 2
  5. Singapore Math Intensive Practice books
  6. Bible Study Guide for All Ages, Unit 1

I also bought some books for the kids to read, because there were just so many book discounters! I know I'm forgetting to mention some things, but that's ok! I didn't have to buy very much for Riley, since I'm using alot of what I used with Austin last year! She wasn't very happy about that, but she will be OK! I did bring her an Usborne First 100 Words in French book (since her vote was to skip Latin and start French! LOL!). She was tickled about that!

I brought Reece an Usborne Starting Ballet kid kit. It has little dress-up dolls and she loves it! She asked for it this morning, even before breakfast!

I need to go fix lunch for my crew! I'll try to write more about convention later! :)

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Becca said...

We should have met! Maybe we did....and we don't know it. I was there too and also bought Iguana Factor. I think I may have bought the only copy of Sequential Spelling 2 in the whole convention. I found it at Homeschooling From the Heart, after I'd given up on finding it there. Check out my haul at I've been rearranging bookshelves all day to make it fit. Did you think that there was an excess of food/health booths there? I'm used to the bread people, but I would have rather seen those booths filled with more books!