Thursday, April 20, 2006

ITBS Day 2

Didn't go as smoothly as Day 1, but not a complete disaster!

Austin started marking his answers in the wrong section. I tried to explain to him that it happens, very common, NOT a big deal. To him it WAS a big deal. I tried to tell him that the directions include a section on how to handle this very problem, so other kids MUST do it too. He insisted they were coming to get him to take him to jail! I tried to tell him to calm down, there was no need to cry and get so upset. He said it was the worst day in the world. I thought about telling him that that wasn't true... there would surely be many more days worse than this one!

HEE HEE! I didn't say that! I promise! :)

He worked at a quick pace again! Did fairly well on the math concepts section... bombed the data interpretation! I didn't look closely at the other sections. Two more sections left for Saturday morning, and we are DONE until 6th grade!


LisaQuing said...

Not only do other KIDS do it, but ADULTS do it too. No matter how many times the proctor reads the instructions, at least ONE person does it wrong. :-)

I have to type ektgujmu to post. @@

Jan said...

I hope your last day goes more smoothly. Poor guy! I agree with lisaquing.... even adults can make that mistake.