Tuesday, April 18, 2006

First day of ITBS

It went SO well! I am really proud of Austin! He didn't cry one time, and had a really great attitude about the testing! I was a bit nervous because when I went in to wake him up this morning he greeted me with, "No... I don't want this day to start!" But he ended up surprising me! Daddy called this morning with some words of encouragement, and I prayed for us last night that everything would just go smoothly!

Now, I couldn't resist looking at his answers, and he is performing as I expected! BUT he is surprising me by not needing all of the allotted time. So I thought I'd better take a look and make sure he wasn't just coloring in all the circles in a pretty pattern! LOL He wasn't! He was just working quickly, and the errors I was seeing in his testing were consistent with the sorts of errors he makes daily (and also with some careless work @@). He bombed the Reading Comprehension part, but I was expecting that! So really, no surprises!

I'm so relieved! I'm no longer worried about the next two days of testing we have left!

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