Monday, March 27, 2006

This is exciting!

Austin finished geography today, and on Friday he will finish Mythology! We are FINISHING subjects!!! As in, we started something in August, and we will finish the same thing in the spring/summer! This is going to happen many times this year! I know it sounds fairly obvious, but with so much of the changing/tweaking I have done in previous years it hasn't happened often! I think about the only thing Austin has finished that he started, before now, was First Language Lessons! That's really sad when you think about it! Darn!

Anyway, I'm tickled... I'll make sure to post more as we finish other things! :)


LisaQuing said...

What about Senor Gamache and the Spanish clase?


Niffercoo said...

Actually, we never technically finished level 1! We made the pinata but never did the the party or the rest of that last lesson! LOL

LisaQuing said...

Sounds like you finished it to me!