Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Sometimes, I come up with a good idea or two!

Austin has struggled with writing on the back of his paper. I'm not sure why, but he breaks down in tears when he has to write something on the back. Or he will write the last line or two really, really, really tiny so as to squeeze it all in on the front of the paper. It drives me nuts, and it's also very disruptive to our learning processes.

Today, though, I was inspired!! (At this point it is important to inform you that Austin is absolutely crazy about the new game show "Deal or No Deal" on NBC. Actually, we're all pretty much in love with it! OK, keep that filed for future reference!)

Today, Austin had a good bit of copywork... his AWANA section for this week is quite long, and is 2 verses. He looked at it and knew it would go onto the back of the paper! So he started his "I'm going to lose it" routine. I had just read in my new autism book last night about this very thing! The chapter was on tantrums, tears, meltdowns and self-injurious behavior! My brain clicked into action!

"Austin, the banker has offered you 25 cents if you can write on the back of the paper without crying. Now it's up to you. Deal.... or No Deal?" (Imagine that sounding just like Howie Mandell on the show! LOL)

Austin's eyes lit up!! He shouted out "DEAL!" and shook my hand! It was THAT easy! He did the copywork, called me in to check it. I even pointed out errors and omissions and he didn't flip out! Then I presented him with his quarter!

It was so easy! I was so proud of myself! I was so proud of him! He was so proud of himself, too! It was a good feeling for both of us!

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LisaQuing said...

That was a GREAT idea! Very creative way to integrate Deal or No Deal into your homeschool! Now you can count that hour for schoolwork! jk

I have not watched it, btw.