Monday, March 13, 2006


Austin is just tickling me to death right now with reading Smiling Hill Farm. This is the last reading assignment in the Calvert 3rd grade. It's not a basal, like the other 2 books for 3rd grade. It is a very long book written back inthe 40s about a family who lives on "Smiling Hill Farm". The instructions in the manual have been to read it to the student first, discuss it, then have the student read it to himself later on in the day. That works really well for Austin! But the last 2 days, Austin has gone ahead and read the assigned pages to himself before I even get a chance! And he can tell me all about it! Today he even came in and asked me what "switching" is (the children got a switching from the teacher for bad behavior). It seems like some things are starting to click with him! He is reading something that is long and involved a few pages at a time without panicking! He is stopping to think about what he reads enough to know that he doesn't understand something, then he is coming to ask me about what he doesn't understand. I know that sounds obvious, but until we recently started working on this task, he would just read words and not really try to think about what they meant, or if he knew what was going on. And then he is following the story enough to be able to tell it back to me! This is big to me! I'm very proud of him!

Oh, but Riley was upset today! Apparently, she has been listening in to Smiling Hill Farm and is sad that we haven't read it out loud the last 2 days so she can find out what's going on! LOL! I told her she can read it to herself when we're finished with it! :)

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