Monday, March 27, 2006

If it ain't broke...

OK, I know I said we were going to be switching math programs around to avoid competition, etc. but there is just nothing I prefer to Calvert Math. I could (and started) using MUS with Austin and am not pleased with that approach to multiplication. And Calvert is working for both of the kids, at their own paces. So we're just going to stick with it! Yeah, it's expensive, but I am happy with it, it's working for both kids, and if it ain't broke... don't fix it. Imagine it... the kids having the same math 2 years in a row?? They might get scared lol!

I'm not totally sure how I'll handle the competition thing, except to just cross that bridge when/if we get there. I could move Riley over to Singapore as I'd planned, but then I have to make sure she's getting enough review since it's not built-in. I like Calvert Math! It's like Singapore but with review built-in.

So there, math is planned for next year! :)

Remaining left to plan:
1. Spelling for Austin (and for Riley since she has only 2 ETC books to go)
2. Grammar/Writing for Austin
3. History
4. Science
5. Artists to study for Picture Study

Decisions made for next year:
1. Math- Calvert
2. Latin - Prima Latina
3. Reading - Sonlight reading lists for Riley; Calvert 4th grade reading books for Austin that I already own, then to the Sonlight reading lists
4. Grammar/Writing for Riley - finishing First Language Lessons for the WTM
5. Music - studying Beethoven, Mozart, Vivaldi, and Gershwin

I think that's all! :) I will go into detail my choices that I'm debating among for each subject in other blog posts!

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