Friday, March 31, 2006

Heaven on Earth

My husband taught me something last night that will change my life forever! It's amazing! It's fulfilling! It's a little piece of heaven on earth! How have I lived my life before this day without knowing how to do this?

::get your mind of the gutter! PLEASE!!::

My wonderful husband showed me how to make a spreadsheet!!!! Oh, Microsoft Excel, where have you been all my life!?!?!

Since this incredible revelation I have made 5 new spreadsheets:
1. A general homeschool Scope & Sequence covering all 3 children in all subject areas through graduation, with a yellow highlighted cell for any areas where I need to make an immediate decision on curricula.

2. A plan for a history rotation utilizing Sonlight Curriculum, combining the children into no more than 2 concurrent Cores.

3. A plan for a history rotation utilizing the Well-Trained Mind methods, involving Story of the World, the Kingfisher History Encyclopedia, and Tapestry of Grace for high school.

4. A plan for a history rotation utilizing the My Father's World curriculum, not knowing what to use for high school.

5. A template for weekly menu planning.

And this is just the beginning!! The possibilities are truly endless!! It's just bliss! :)

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