Thursday, March 02, 2006

Emotional? Who? Me??

Nah, it couldn't be! LOL

Anyway, I should be in bed, but I drank a Mr. Pibb about 10 PM so I could stay awake long enough to make cookies, and it hasn't quite worn off yet! So now I'll spend a few minutes typing and that will help me get ready for bed!

Random thoughts at 12:10 AM, March 2nd, 2006:

1. I am so lucky to have such good friends! H, D, and S met me last night for the first of many Mom's Night Out events in 2006! J wanted to come, but she wasn't able to! I am so lucky to have this group of homeschooling moms to lean on for support, to laugh with, to talk about curriculum with, to discuss movies with! They are all SO great!! I love you guys! :) MNO will happen again in a few weeks!

2. I am so sad that Reece is turning 4. Not sad, sad... oh it's hard to explain. PMS isn't helping, I'm sure. 4 seems so big! She's not big! She's little, and while she's made such great progress this last year, she still needs lots of help! And she's my youngest one! 4 years old already?! Impossible!

3. I bought enough food for the snack/birthday at preschool tomorrow to feed a small army. The class will be having goldfish crackers, mini blueberry muffins (the reason I have to be up at 6 in the morning!), frosted cookies that have a purple 4 on them (the reason I'm still awake now!), and a little bottle of water.

4. In the afternoon, Russ and I are meeting with the psychologist who will be doing Austin's testing at the end of the month. H has so graciously offered to keep all of my children for me so that Russ can go with me! This is alot of money we're going to be spending on the testing, so I want Russ to be able to go and ask his own questions and get a feel for the procedure!

5. Did I mention that Reece is turning 4 in just a couple of days? 4. As in, F-O-U-R! 1-2-3-4! Next year, she could go to the free, full-day Pre-K program that's offered in my state! Austin had a gymnastics party when he turned 4. Riley had a Chuck E Cheese party! Reece would be overwhelmed by both, so she's just having an at-home party! Next year when she's 5 she can have a fun party!

6. Baseball starts up again this weekend! I am ready, and I am not! LOL

OK, I think the Pibb is starting to wear off! I just rememered one thing I have to print off for tomorrow, and then I'm off to bed! :)

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LisaQuing said...

Hey Jen,

You must have been frosting those cookies when I was online. Your MNO sounds so fun! I am so excited for Suzy to turn 4! LOL