Tuesday, March 28, 2006


If my blog had one of those emotions things, I would put 'discouraged' in it and have a little sad face next to it.

Austin had 8 hours of testing last week with strangers. He was polite, he was charming, he was together! He had a few times where he started to get upset, but apparently he used the tools we've practiced to get control over himself.

Today and yesterday? It's been tear-fest 2006. Everything is upsetting him it seems! EVERYTHING.

So, of course, I take a quick leap of logic and think that maybe he'd be better off at school. I remember what school was like for him in Kingergarten but that was a long ago. Maybe he would do better there and wouldn't cry.

It's just so frustrating. I can tell myself that he was especially 'on' because of the testing and that he is more comfortable with me so he lets go. But it doesn't help. And now I really wonder what the doctor is going to say about homeschooling. Here I went on and on about how he has a hard time maintaining control of his emotions, and he's mister cool for the testing. I wouldn't be surprised if she recommends sending him to public school. ::sigh::

OK, back to business... test prep for next month's ITBS.


Jan said...

take a deep breath!

LisaQuing said...

Remember, he was sick last week too. He had a stressful week of testing, plus a great first week of baseball, eh? A rollercoaster ride of a week. It isn't surprising that he would have a bit of a valley this week, at least not to me! I'd give him a little bit of slack for a couple days and allow him to get emotionally back in control.

I am sure the doctor won't say he should be in PS. If he was that in control for the testing, I'd think the doctor will give YOU and your homeschooling the credit! :-)

Can I just say, though, how much I detest the word verification on here? I can never read the stinking letters!