Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Are YOU talkin to ME??

Today we were at Reece's Speech Therapy... I hadn't taken any school work with us because I'm not doing book work this week of Austin's evaluation. A lady came in with her son and sat in the waiting room. She said "hello" and I said the same and then she said "No school today?" I recognized her from our appointments but wasn't sure if she knew we homeschooled so I said, "Oh, we homeschool!"

She said, "I know! I usually see you all in here with your books, and you don't have any today!" I explained to her that we weren't doing any work this week and why. Actually, Austin did alot of the explaining! LOL She replied back with the nicest thing!

"Your kids are so sweet and so smart! I can't help but listen in while I'm waiting to take him (her son) back. You're doing a great job homeschooling them!"

I was just so startled to have such a sweet comment passed my way! I blushed and told her "Thank you SO much!" and then she had to leave to go back with her son to his therapy!

It was just so nice to hear something positive for a change! :) She made my day!


Jan said...

Oh that's VERY VERY NICE!!!! I bet it made your day!... and your week!!... possibly your year! LOL!!!

LisaQuing said...

Hey! There ARE some nice strangers in Atlanta after all! LOL How awesome for her to say that!