Tuesday, March 07, 2006

10 reasons to be excited that Reece is Four

I started thinking over the weekend that FOUR is the beginning of one of my favorite ages for children! I mean, my degree IS in Early Childhood Ed so there must be something there that I enjoy, right? LOL And actually, the next 2 years or so are going to be filled with alot of neat things in Reece's life! So I'm going to list them here, for my future reference! :)

1. She will learn to read!
2. She will learn to write!
3. She will learn to add and subtract!
4. She will learn to ride a real bike, with or without training wheels!
5. She will take ballet classes!
6. She will learn to pump her legs on the swings!
7. She will go to VBS for the first time!
8. She will "start school" (PreK at preschool next year and Kindergarten at home the following year!)
9. She will have her first REAL birthday party when she is FIVE!
10. She will learn to tie her shoes (probably!)

See? There's alot of big stuff in there over the next couple of years! I will try to keep that in mind, and not focus on the fact that she's my baby and she's growing up too fast! ;)


Jan said...

OH MY.. I feel behind, will you come teach my kids the things on this list that they are missing! LOL!

Niffercoo said...

LOL I can handle all of them but the bike riding and the shoe tying... those are strictly daddy's area! ;)