Monday, February 20, 2006

School's In!

We actually did our school work today!! It was fairly painful, but I expected everyone to have a hard time adjusting back into the swing of things! But we all did it, and aside from a few tears shed by everyone (except Mom! lol), it was relatively painless!

I started reading Felicity's World to Riley today as her 'history'. I just could not take one more day of Calvert's excuse for history for 1st graders! Felicity's World is a book based on the American Girl character of Felicity. She is growing up in colonial Williamsburg! The first couple of pages we read today talked about the unfair taxes and the Boston Tea Party and how King George was not pleased with the colonists and sent a blockage to Boston Harbor. I didn't realize that he sent a blockage as punishment! Cool, mom learns something new!!

Reece played with her new toys that Nana gave her for her birthday!

Austin started a new book called Smiling Hill Farm. It's a story of a family moving from Virginia to the 'wild woods' of Indiana during pioneer times! This is the book that concludes the reading program for Calvert 3rd grade. The last 2 stories that were in the basal readers were just a waste of time, in my opinion, so we skipped them. Smiling Hill Farm is a really long book but it's broken into really manageable sections, and Calvert assigns just a couple of sections a day (not more than 10 pages!) so we'll take it really easy. I'm also taking his copywork and dictation from this book since it's written in such a nice flowing language!

I really want to resume Spanish this week, and we may try to get to that tomorrow while Reece is at preschool!

That's about it for our first day back in a couple of weeks!

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I like hearing what you are doing!