Thursday, February 16, 2006

A note home from the teacher

Today, we were in the carpool line waiting for Reece to come to the van... and she didn't come, and she didn't come, and she didn't come. Finally, I saw Miss Donna walking with her, and Reece was crying. Uh-oh. Miss Donna opened the door, and I asked if it was a bad day. Miss Donna sweetly smiled and said "Um, she just doesn't want to go home! She had a really fun day!" I was so relieved!! I told her they must be doing something very right for Reece to enjoy it that much!

And when I checked Reece's bag there was a note in it from her lead teacher, Miss Angie. It says:

Reece had a really great day today! She had been adjusting to transitions in the classroom and sitting at circle time. Today she did a great job listening and following directions! She participated at circle time and accepted directions. Just wanted to let you know! (Smiley face) Angie.
P.S. She got a little red paint in her hair today - she had fun painting!

Isn't that a great note?? Though I hate to break it to her, but it's a bit more than a little paint! ROFL! That's OK though... she's having fun and that's all that matters! :) I really feel that God has answered my prayers about this preschool situation! It seems to be going very well for Reece!

Another big thing for Reece... Miss Alexis re-did the articulation test yesterday. This is the same test she took for her evaluation back in the spring. She had either 42 or 46 errors then, and didn't even register on the age scale that began at age 2. Well, yesterday, she had only around 9 errors and Alexis said that 6-7 of those are developmentally appropriate errors! She hadn't had time to score it and give me an age-norm, but just the numbers themselves show what an incredible improvement we're seeing since she started therapy! I told Alexis how grateful I am to her for helping Reece so much! The therapy is really paying off!

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