Tuesday, February 14, 2006

More about Austin

I wanted to share a neat thing that happened with Austin today! As you may be aware, Austin is very interested in engines. To say that it is his passion is an understatement! Weather is his passion! Combustion engines may just be his 'thing'!

Today we took the van in for an oil change. The place was very slow and told me it would take only 10-15 minutes! Austin watched at the window! When they were nearly done, the manager came to get us and they let Austin watch the rest of the oil change! He was totally mesmerized! He asked a thousand question and these guys just ate it up! They showed him the dipstick, and showed him the oil on the dipstick and how to read that it was full. Austin said "Well, that sure does look like clean oil to me!" LOL! When it was time to go, Austin said "OK, guys, I'll be back in 6 years to work with you changing the oil!" The manager said "Hey, you don't need to wait that long... we'll take you now!" I saw Austin's eyes get SOOOOOO big! I had to intervene and tell the manager to be careful what he says, because Austin would take him up on the offer! LOL

But really, the wheels in my brain started turning! If Austin keeps up this love of engines, and putting them together, and maybe taking them apart, this could be something that we really pursue! I would allow him to work under a mentor who is a mechanic (maybe a homeschool dad, or a good friend). Maybe he could work as a teenager in a small engine repair shop? And if nothing else, knowing how to work on engines/cars would come in very handy as an adult! He could use it as a job to work his way through college! Or he could use it to make extra money for his family, or save them money because they wouldn't have to take their cars in for repairs! He could even do volunteer car repair ministry for the church!! Ok, I'm getting a bit carried away I know! But this is the first time Austin's shown an interest in something like this! :)

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Jan said...

Sounds wonderful! It is great that he's found something he is so interested in!