Thursday, February 02, 2006

It went great!

She had a great day! We got to the preschool and her teacher was waiting for her! She said "Hello, Reece!" and Reece said, "I want to go in there!" and so she did! I didn't want to hold her back and try to get a good picture of her in front of the door! I figured we should just let her go on ahead and not press our luck! I snuck into the room for a moment and took a picture of her sitting at the science table, with her coat and backpack still on! LOL Reece said "Bye!" sort of over her shoulder, and never looked back! The big kids and I went to IHOP, the bank, and spent an hour and a half at the library!

When it was time to pick her up, we walked in again to get her. While we were standing at the door waiting to be buzzed in, Reece's class was coming down the hall. We ducked around the corner to hide! She was at the end of the line, holding hands with a teacher. After they were safely pass, we buzzed again to get in! The assistant director was waiting there and told us that Reece had had a very good day! She had to go do carpool, so the director came and gave me some additional information about the papers they had sent home, and the carpool directions for next week! She also said that Reece did very well!

We went over to the door of Reece's classroom! There was a sign next to the door detailing the day's activities, and at the bottom it read, "We welcomed a new friend named Reece!" I really wish I had taken in my camera to get a shot of that! When Miss Donna (the other teacher) came out to take some children to carpool, she introduced herself and said that Reece did so well, and she has on such a cute outfit! I told her it was a case of an excited grandmother, lest she expect Reece to come to preschool every day with panties that match her outfit! ;) Reece saw us at the door and came running! Miss Angie said that Reece had a good day and they couldn't wait to see her on Tuesday! Reece ran for me and told me that she 'wanted me.' She gives me the same line after AWANA and church so I wasn't surprised! I think she just tells me that so I won't feel too bad.

The big kids and I really bum-rushed her so, naturally, she got overwhelmed and shut down on us! I should have known better! By the time we got to the car she wasn't speaking and was grunting anytime anyone asked her a question. I told everyone just to be quiet and give her time to decompress! She was fine after about 20 minutes! She's watching TV right now for rest time! I can't believe she didn't fall asleep on the way home! I know I'm completely worn out!

I am so glad the first day is over! I'm not expecting it to be smooth sailing from here on out... I'm sure they had little expectations of her today, and she was probably reserved because of the new setting. Once she loosens up and gets more comfortable, we'll see if she lets it all hang out! lol But for now, I'm just relieved that the first day is over! She says her favorite part was playing outside on the playground (I'm trying to reserve judgment about the fact that it's not even 50 degrees here today and they probably shouldn't be outside playing IMHO, but oh well....) !

She says she wants to go back, so we'll see how everything goes on Tuesday! :)

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LisaQuing said...

Sounds like a lovely day! Glad it went so well!