Thursday, February 23, 2006


The school week is officially over! We have put in a good, strong 4 days and tomorrow is time for a break! Austin and Riley have only to finish anything from their assignment sheets that wasn't completed M-Th, which is just a couple of odds and ends (some free reading for Austin, and some cursive for Riley). We'll spend tomorrow cleaning up our messy home, and playing some fun games!

Today we had to mail my mother's birthday present to her (pics of me and the children from Picture People), so we did that after we dropped Reece off at preschool! Then we took our school books over to the library and had our lessons there. Also, our library books were due so we were able to check out new books! Both of the kids have been fairly uncooperative this week with school, but I tried to just blow it off as best I could! It's still annoying! lol

Reece's teacher told me today why Thursday is such a hard day for Reece to leave! There are 3 girls in her class who stay for ballet afterward, and they are getting their leotards on when the preschool is nearly over! Reece wants to stay and go to ballet too! She's not ready for it this year, but maybe she can do that next year! Reece got a report card today too! It is really cute! The grades are "G" for "good" and "W" for "working on this"!

Still waiting to hear from the psychologist about Austin's testing next month! Our insurance requires an initial consultation, and that is supposed to be next week, if I can get confirmation from the doctor, and directions to her office! LOL! I hope she's as good as she is supposed to be!

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