Tuesday, January 31, 2006

The ways playing Wheel of Fortune with your siblings can be considered school

1. Spelling: They are making up puzzles for each other so they have to know how to spell things

2. Vocabulary: They have to figure out the words or phrases from their vocabularies

3. Math: Adding up the money during each spin, times the number of letters they uncover

4. Art: They designed the 'spaces' for the wheel (the wheel is the Sit N Spin)

5. Logic: Solving a puzzle

6. Social Skills: Taking turns, not freaking out when you land on bankrupt

Ok, I'm sort of reaching here! We really should do some real school work today! But they are just having so much fun and they are getting along. It seems like a shame to interrupt it!

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Jan said...

Looks rationalized to me!! LOL!