Sunday, January 08, 2006

To Special Needs preschool, or not to Special Needs preschool? That is the question!

My apologies to Shakespeare! :) Oh, now that I type that, was it Shakespeare?? Lisa?? Where are you when I need you to proofread!

I spoke to my dh today (waving to my honey who reads this blog!) about the preschool and he thinks I should still go check it out. My mom does, too. When will I ever learn to not ask people for advice unless I know they are going to tell me what I want to hear! LOL

These are my reasons, and I'll let you make the call:

1. I think it's too much money to even consider. $260 a month would pay for Reece to take another weekly session of speech therapy. Or 2-3 extracurricular classes like ballet, gym, music class, etc. Or it would pay for Austin's speech therapy which we know will not be covered by insurance.

2. We already have 2 days this week where we're not having a 'real' day of school. Adding Thursday to the mix will just make this week a washout, and I'm really trying to keep a good pace this winter so when spring comes we can skip out of the house more often!

3. I'm afraid I might really like it, and then if we can't afford it, I'll feel even guiltier for not sending her some place she needs to go.

Are those good enough reasons? ::sigh::

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