Friday, January 13, 2006

OK, she's in!

The lady from the preschool called this morning. This is the preschool that I had looked at last spring for Reece. They will have an opening as of February 1st. Reece will start on February 2nd! I am waiting another call from the director with some details, like if they still have her paperwork from the spring or not. I really hope they do, but if not, I guess I'll go fill it out again!

I told the big kids this morning, and they both cried. I told them how important it is for them to put on a happy face for Reece so that she won't be upset! I called my mom, and she immediately ordered an outfit from Gymboree for Reece to wear on the first day! I told Russ, and he asked if he needs to take on more work to pay for it! LOL So all in all, everyone is acting as predicted! ;)

As for my reaction... a scene from the Hunt for Red October keeps running through my mind:

"If we get the right sort, this will work! If we get some... buckeroo..."

If we get the right teachers, who are patient and loving and see Reece for the sweet child she can be, this will be successful! I know that I will be praying for "the right sort"!

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