Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Miscellaneous Tidbits of information

1. The neuropsychologist that the social worker told me was "the best" is ON my insurance plan! WOOOHOO!! I called and left a message. She is in the office W-F, so hopefully she will call back tomorrow. If not, I'll call HER again on Thursday!

2. Miss Dinah, our OT, called today and said that the insurance company has approved 'selected' vists of OT for Reece in 2006. So that means that Reece should have OT tomorrow, provided the furnace repair people are done with Dinah's furnace in time for her to make it. You know, if she wasn't so great with Reece, I'd probably have to find someone alot less flighty! LOL

3. I took Reece shopping with me tonight. It seems we were out of pullups, and she fell asleep for an hour this afternoon so she was wide awake. She talked the ENTIRE time. I am so grateful that she has speech, and while the repetitiveness of conversing with her sometimes gets on my nerves, she really is such a bright inquisitive child! "Why people has houses?" "Where the sun go?" "Why the chocolick milk yucky?" "You stuck at the red light?"

Ok, that last one just reminds me... some of you who talk to me on my cell phone have already heard this. But EACH time we're stopped at a red light, we have to do this conversation:
Reece: Mommy, you stuck at the red light?
Mommy: Yes, I'm stuck at the red light.
Reece: You waiting for the green light?
Mommy: Yes, I'm waiting for the green light.
(repeat for as long as we're at the light... continue at any subsequent lights.)

Actually, Ms. Alexis (the ST) did tell me last week it's OK to start limiting these repeating conversations! When they started I think we were just so excited to be getting words out of her that we didn't care! But now we want to encourage her not to do her scripts so much anymore, and start moving on. So I can tell her that we'll do this one more time, and that's all! LOL It will save my sanity for sure!

4. I think I'm going to visit the preschool on Thursday, but I am taking all of the children with me. I really want to see what they think of a homeschooling family. Now I have to find something to bribe the children with to keep them quiet and happy. Maybe ice cream? It is supposed to be 70 on Thursday!

5. I should go to sleep now! It's late! I have to get up early tomorrow, and it's a very busy day and what I'm typing has nothing to do with homeschooling. Although, I guess the ST and OT stuff has to do with Reece's schooling. And the psych stuff has to do with Austin's learning. :)

6. I could do a review of Narnia, but it would all be "LOVED IT" except for the river rapids scene. There was one other thing I didn't like but now I can't remember! I hope to see King Kong this weekend, or The Family Stone, or something else! I got an AMC gift card as part of my Christmas!! :)

Ok, that's all for tonight! Keep to the code, mates!

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