Thursday, January 19, 2006

Is this a groove?

I almost hate to post this, for fear that it may 'jinx' us! But I think we've found a groove to our homeschooling week. Monday and Tuesday have been really good (though the last few Tuesdays we've done field trips), and then Wednesday is wild and crazy, and Thursday we're all exhausted, and Friday we're nearly done! Right now, Austin is done with his work and is playing in the backyard with Reece. Riley is still working on her assignment sheet, which she could have finished hours ago if she had just set her mind to it! She's done with everything that requires my instruction, so basically she's just working at her own pace. She's not very outdoorsy, so she's not in a hurry to get out and enjoy the lower 60s we're having today!

Now, in 2 weeks when Reece starts preschool, we'll have to find a new groove! LOL But for now, this works out ok!

Edited to add: I just asked Riley if she wanted to watch "Little Einsteins" (I think this is the neatest show!!!). She said Yes, so I told her she had 3 minutes before it was on and her math needed to be complete. Keep in mind that she's been working on these 21 problems for about 30 minutes and had 10 left. She just brought it in to me, complete. And all correct. She's one smart cookie, just a very slow cooking cookie, unless there is a reward at the end apparently! :)

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