Tuesday, January 10, 2006


I drove by the gym where Riley used to take gymnastics, and asked them more about the special needs program they advertise on their website. The director of the preschool-age program is the lady who used to teach Riley's gymnastics class years ago, so she sort of remembered us!

They incorporate the special needs children into the regular classes. So for Reece, we're going to start her off with 4 weeks of "Mommy & Me" gymnastics where I go in the class with her and help her along. Ms. Janey (the instructor) offered for the big kids to sit in the gym at the tables in the corner, as long as they can sit quietly (that should be very interesting! lol). The Mommy & Me class will help her to get a feel for how the classes work, and how the routine goes. They follow the same routine in all the preschool classes: stretching, music, and then the different activities, then they end at the parachute. I will be with her those first 4 classes to help her transition between the activities.

After the 4 sessions are over, she will go to the "Young 3s" class which is an independent class. She will go into the smallest class, and they will try to have an extra teacher on hand, if it turns out that Reece needs it. The "Young 3s" will more likely match Reece's attention span level at this time. We'll see how it all works out, and they will adjust her within the class levels to meet her needs!

Reece was so sad when we left because she was expecting to go to a gymnastics class! :( We won't start until the 31st, because of other plans we have on the Tuesdays between now and then! I will get her a new leotard between now and then, unless I can find one of Riley's old ones that still fits!

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LisaQuing said...

I hope this works out well for you. It sounds awesome!