Wednesday, January 04, 2006

First day back to school

This day was such a blur! I got up at 6:30 hoping to read my Bible and get the house picked up. I got dressed and made up and walked into the living room with my Bible, and Austin was there watching SportsCenter. I shooed him back to bed so I could have some time alone, and about 15 minutes later Riley walks in! These children haven't woken up before 9 AM in 2 weeks! ARGH! I will try again tomorrow, they should be nice and tired from our busy day and AWANA tonight.

We got a head start on school work! Took some of it to therapy with us. Reece only had ST today because the insurance company hasn't yet sent approval for the number of OT visits she can have in 2006. In case I haven't mentioned it lately... insurance companies suck! We came home and had rest time for about an hour and then Heather called to invite us to the park! It was a beautiful day today! So we spent a couple of hours at the park! Came home, made some phone calls, and some supper for the children... didn't turn the TV on at all, except for the hour of rest time for Reece! YAY me!

School work went very well overall! Only Riley argued a little bit, and stopped when I gave her the evil eye! Reece had a very hard time, though. She wanted ME to play with her, and cried when I couldn't. She played with Riley for a little while and also played with some of her 'school only' toys. It was hard to see her upset. I guess she needs time to get back into the swing of things too!

Austin learned how to use his computer game for therapy. It's called Earobics Step 2, and it is VERY cool! I learned his 'digit span' and now I need to research it to remember what a good one is! LOL! His is 4, and I think that isn't very good for his age. The game took him up to 5 and he got flustered, so it took him back down to 4. He was still flustered b/c of that hard time with 5, so he missed some of the 4s which he probably could have done had he not been so upset. So it took him back down to 3s, and he ended with a positive feeling. There are 5 games of varying levels, and it's supposed to take 5-6 months to complete! It looks like it will be very good for him!

Riley started Calvert Script today! It was a bit unimpressive to her, but I think she thought she was going to jump in and start writing words today! Tomorrow's lesson should be fun... lots of squiggly lines! :)

Reece did very well at AWANA tonight too! What a relief! She even learned her verse! I was so happy!

I am ready for bed soon! I forgot what it feels like to wake up so early! :)

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