Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Field Trip!

We made it to the zoo today! I've been trying all night to post an update and picture and blogger isn't cooperating! I need to get to bed, so updates will be tomorrow!!

Update: the zoo was alot of fun! It was 54 degrees which, to this Southern gal, is quite cool! We bundled up though, and had a really nice time! My favorite animals were the baby gorillas! I feel like I have a special bond with the moms now that I have nursed! :) Austin's favorites were the lions and the gorillas. Riley's favorites were the pandas, the baby gorillas, the lions, the elephants (but they smelled "so bad her hair could curl" @@), and... well you get the picture! Reece's favorite was the giraffes... only the giraffes weren't out, so I'm a little confused there! We didn't get to all of the animals, but that is OK, because we have a membership (thanks for the great Christmas present Mimi)! We can go back anytime we want to!

Blogger still won't let me do any pictures! :(

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