Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Children's Museum

Let me first say that there was some sort of high toned and fancy to-do up at the fort today... because I couldn't find a place to park in downtown Atlanta for less than $20!! Talk about unexpected!!! I asked the attendant how much they usually charge for parking at that lot: $2.25!! Gracious! (Mental note to self: Check with museum staff the morning we are planning to go back and make sure parking is reasonable that day!).

We had a wonderful time! I've never taken the children before because it's quite expensive for a one-time visit (not including the parking! LOL), but dh's grandmother and my grandmother sent money for Christmas and we bought an annual pass. This pass will also get us into the little children's museum in Gainesville, and one in South Carolina near my parents' house.

Austin's favorite part was this ball thing... it's hard to describe it. I'm going to try to put up some pictures in a little while and maybe you can tell what it looks like from there. It reminded me of a marble run, but for the kind of balls you put in a ball pit. (Ok, this picture is at the beginning of the post!)

Reece also loved the ball thing, and she REALLY loved the sand area. This was unlike any sand I've ever played with before... it was very moldable and not at all messy! You could wipe it off your hands and it would just be gone! I didn't take her in the area for children 5 and under, but I think I will the next time we go! There was lots of water play in there while I'm sure she'd love! Next time I'll feel better about letting the big kids play more by themselves.

Riley couldn't tell me her favorite thing and she really spent time in all areas! She loved the ball area too, but I don't know if that was because that's where Austin was, or what. She and Austin were chosen to participate in each skit that we watched, probably because they were significantly older than most of the other children! That was exciting for them!

There was also an area to eat lunch, either homemade or you could buy something from a little Chick Fil A cart. I had packed lunch to eat in the car, and didn't want to go back to get it in the rain. But next time I'll bring it in and leave it with the stroller in the stroller parking area!

We really had a great time! Spent about 3 hours there, and I am totally wiped out! But they had fun and that's all that really matters!

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