Monday, January 09, 2006

Back from Intake Appointment

It went really well! I'm so glad I decided to go!

The recommendations for Austin are the following:
1. Get a Neuropsychological Evaluation done - have a list of names for those to see if any match up on my insurance.

2. After #1, take the results to an educational consultant for implementation.

3. Have an OT evaluation done. We have an OT we love, so we'll use her.

4. Sign Austin up for a social skills group. There is one on the list that is called "Outdoor Sensory Adventures" and the social skills are taught in the outdoors playing sports! He would LOVE that one!

The social worker agreed with me that it's not critical right now to get the developmental evaluation done and have a formal diagnosis at this time. We know what we're dealing with, and that's the important thing! She said that if that changes and we need a formal eval later for insurance purposes or for any other reason, we could take care of it then. However, she may have taken care of that for insurance reasons b/c she coded this appointment under PDD-NOS, which is Reece's diagnosis.

Anyway, it was a good appointment and now I have to go through this list of names and see if any of them are on our insurance plan! lol Fun!

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