Thursday, January 05, 2006

Another nice day!

I got up again before the sun, and realized that Reece had no joined me in the bed! WOOHOO! She was waiting for me when I got out of the shower though! I had to wake the big kids up at 8, and we got a slow start to school. Everything went fairly smoothly, however. We met J and her boys at the Pizza Hut and spent our Book-It coupons before they expire tomorrow. (BTW, J is blogging now and I need to remember to ask her if it's OK to publish her blog link! She blogs on a really cool site that's $4 a month! It may be worth it to me!)

Now the kids are bugging me to go make the slime that I promised them we would make. Thanks so much Calvert school for the recipe! lol Riley has to clean her room first, so that should leave me time to finish blogging (and make dinner, and knit an afghan, and catch up on my scrapbooking!! Hee hee)

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Jan said...

We loved lunch!!!!!