Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Reece's playgroup

Ok, it sounds sort of weird to be calling it a playgroup when it's just one other child, but I can't think of a better name. Social Skills group? Social Skills lesson? Anyway, it's the time when her speech therapist works on social skills with her and a little boy who is almost 3, whom I'll call "A".

Today was the 2nd session, and I watched a little bit this time through the 2-way mirror. (Miss Marty in the office allowed Riley to do her math in there with her so there wouldn't be any concern about Riley leaving the building like she did over the summer.) Austin was working on adverbs in the hallway.

Reece and A were on the floor with Miss Alexis. They were playing with dollhouse furniture and the dolls. A's mom said they had already played with one toy and picked it up, and this was the next toy they chose. Neither Reece nor A were paying any attention to each other. Alexis was making them ask for the piece of the toy they wanted to play with, and A was having a hard time doing that. Reece asked for the swing and a baby. Alexis modeled for her how to say it in a full question format instead of just "swing and baby". Once A asked for his pieces, Alexis tried to get them to interact with each other and their pieces.

They are very good at copying, or echoing, what Alexis tells them to say, but there was no initiating of conversation. Many times A would get upset and tantrum (he spins when he gets upset) and Reece didn't even look up. That really bothers me. Alexis said later that Reece handed him the toy slide, which he wanted at one point. So that is a good thing! And a few minutes ago, she said to me "A was crying today!" and I was so excited!! (3 hours late, but that's still something good!!)

When it was time for Reece to go to Occupational Therapy, and for A to have his Speech Therapy session (Reece has hers before A comes to play), they had to clean up toys and say goodbye to each other. Alexis will say "A, say 'goodbye Reece'" and Reece said "Goodbye Reece!". Like I said, they are both very good at copying what she tells them to say, they just don't understand the meaning behind it. And trying to get them to look at each other when they talk to each other is quite a chore! But I really do think this is good for both kids!

A will be gone on vacation next week, so we won't have a session then, but they will start back in December! I'm going to make sure Reece takes a little gift to A for Christmas! :)

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