Saturday, November 12, 2005

Lesson "Planning"

It's sort of hard to call it planning because, for Austin anyway, I am just opening up the Calvert manual and figuring out what is next! Mostly, I'm looking for things that might pose him some problems. I also try to match up how much activity we have going on in the week, in case I need to move some things around to allow me to have enough time for everything.

Tonight, while "planning", I just became overwhelmed with sadness. I don't even know if I have words to explain it. It's just that I know Calvert is a demanding curriculum, and I just don't know if Austin will be able to keep pace. Or if it is going to meet his needs.

I am feeling the weight of the many questions I can't answer right now:
How much should I push him? A little? A lot? Not at all?

Should I take science/history back to a storybook format and not worry about the 'lessons'? Just read to him and try to talk about it informally? Or do I make it even more formal, having him write out answers to questions for the practice?

Is he going to need to be a sight reader? If so, should I start writing words on notecards and drilling them?

I finally just put everything away and lay on the couch and cried. This is so hard!

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