Monday, November 28, 2005

Calling for backup!

(BTW, we are managing to do school today, be it ever so slowly! lol)

I have been terribly confused lately about what to do next to address Austin's problems. The auditory processing test revealed some concerns, and I'll give the report to Reece's Speech Therapist on Wednesday and see what she can pull together for us. But after that, I'm really confused. Do we proceed with dyslexia testing? Do we get a developmental evaluation? Do I call a psychologist? Psychiatrist? Podiatrist? (Just kidding on that last one!) Once I do call them, what am I asking for them to do? As you see, I'm confused.

So I called this morning and made an appointment to see the intake social worker at the office of the specialist who saw Reece. She was very helpful back in the spring about where we should start with Reece and who we should see and what we should do while we waited to see the doctor. I'm not sure that Austin will eventually see the doctor at all (appointments are booked 5-6 months out), but at least the social worker might be able to help me figure out where to turn next! The appointment is at the beginning of January, and dh will stay home with the kids while I go.

I feel better now! :)

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