Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Austin's language test

He did SO well! I have to admit being totally surprised by the way he has handled himself in these testing situations! He really focused hard, paid attention, and did his very best! He wasn't nervous at all about the test today, because it was with Reece's Speech Therapist.

I got the results of the tests today! The one test has a normal range of between 85-110, and Austin's scores on the various sub-sets were 84, 86, 91, one I can't remember and one that was 96. So they were at the bottom end of the normal range, which Alexis seemed to think was a good thing. I guess my brain prefers to see above average! lol The other test had an average of 8-11 and he had one score of a 6, one 8 and one 10, so again he came out in the low average range.

All in all, Alexis thought the results were consistent, and nothing to send up any alarms! She wants to wait to get the audiologist's results, and then make a plan of action! She suggested a few things today just in the process of discussing the test results, but said we really need to wait to get a full picture from the results the other testing. She thinks we could do a few sessions of therapy with him, but mostly teach me how to help him at home and through his school work. And there are various computer programs as well.

I'm so glad it went smoothly! That's been the biggest relief of all!

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"Merci" said...

I'm so happy that Austin's test was normal! It really sounds like he's shown a great deal of maturity in doing all the testing. Remember, have great expectations and kids will usually rise to the occasion. :)