Friday, October 21, 2005

Today's school news

Today was a very successful day! I wasn't expecting it, really, so that made it even more pleasant!

Bubba had his Calvert tests today! He scored a 74 on his reading test (20/27), an 80 on his history test (8/10), an 83 on his science test (10/12), and a 100 on his geography test (11/11). I thought that was pretty good, considering we just got back onto the Calvert schedule 2 weeks ago! I think the next set of tests will really give me a better picture of his abilities! Also, it's very important to note that he didn't cry once! He doesn't have much experience with testing, so I tried to keep everything laid back and reassured him that all I cared about was for him to do his best! For me, the most important part was that he did the testing without crying! That means more to me than any number or letter grade!

Princess was not in the mood for school today! She reluctantly did her work, with a frown on her face! She got in trouble today for yelling at me when she was frustrated with her history project. @@ Is 6.5 supposed to be a really difficult age? I'm wondering, too, if she's just very tired. She's had 2 late ball games and AWANA this week! I hope next week is better!

Peanut cuddled in for some storytime today! I am setting a goal to read to her every day! So often the only reading she listens to is for the big kids! So I'm going to start making sure I get some of the 'classic' books and read them to her for her own special storytime!

Monday we're going on a field trip to the Pumpkin Patch, with friends! I'm very excited!


LisaQuing said...

Oh! I love to read stuff like this! Good for -ahem- Bubba. :-)

Once -ahem- Princess gets some rest, I am sure her attitude will improve!

and -ahem- Peanut will love reading with you! I have made it a goal to read more with James and Suzy!

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