Sunday, October 02, 2005

Reflections on September

This was a really busy month, with fall ball season for two kids, and then our week-long vacation at the beach in Florida! And it ended with a big bang with Peanut's evaluation.

Princess finished her Calvert 1st readers, and this coming week will take Test 60 in math. The next few math units are about telling time, geometry, fractions. I think she will sail through those with speed and great ease! She has also been flying through the Sonlight 2 Regular readers, and yesterday when one of the Intermediate readers that I'd ordered arrived, she also read it. It seems like she can just read whatever she picks up! It's amazing! She is still enjoying the Calvert Science and History. I got her an Explode the Code book (#5) to work through since she's not doing the Reading Work Pages, and she really likes doing the ETC! She is anxious to start cursive and we will do that at some point this year! She really does not struggle with anything at this time.

Bubba has been working hard with his Calvert lessons, too. I dumped Calvert Spelling (CD) and ordered Sequential Spelling instead. It doesn't stop the tears, but he seems to be doing a little better with it. I also like how it helps him to pay attention to the patterns in spelling and I would really like that to translate to his reading as well. I had taken the Calvert manual apart and tried to reorganize it, so that our days would be more balanced. But I've decided to just go back to using the manual as is, and that's including taking the stories at the slower pace they are scheduled. I'll use extra time to work on his reading multisyllabic words, and working on comprehension and vocabulary. I'm going to stick with the 4 day week, so if there is anything that we can't get to on those 4 days we can always add to our 5th day. Or we can skip it! ;) He is doing well with Calvert math right now. We start the chapter on addition with regrouping this week so we'll see how he manages with this again. He made it through the chapter on thousands and ten-thousands fairly well! And he got a 100% on his Test 20 in math. We skipped Test 20 in the other subjects. He is really enjoying the mythology, history, and science. He struggles to retain information, and I'm going to start really reviewing vocabulary with him every session in the different subject areas. And I need to call Calvert and ask them how much they are supposed to get on a first-time reading/hearing basis.

I realized during Peanut's evaluation that Bubba most certainly has an autism spectrum disorder too. My guess would be he would be labeled with Aspergers because he did not have the language delay. Anyway, some interesting information that was in Reece's packet is that there is commonly an auditory processing problem that comes along with autism spectrum. So I will keep Bubba's appt. in November for the auditory processing testing.

Peanut has done pretty well this month too. She is still fascinated by the playdoh and we've gone through 6 of the containers of it since the beginning of school! LOL I don't know what her future holds with school. I will just watch her for signs of readiness and be prepared to take things slowly as I have had to do with her brother. I wonder if I can do a classical, rigorous education like Calvert or WTM with her (or her brother) and be successful. But then if I say that, it makes it sound like I don't want to try to push them to their highest potential. I do know that I will homeschool her, as I've homeschooled her brother. That's about all I have been able to process just now! :)

October brings about the start of Book-It, and hopefully some cooler weather! We just got our caterpillars in the mail on Friday and they have already tripled in size! So we'll be growing some butterflies in a week or so! Princess has another 2 weeks of fall ball. Bubba's season ended this past Friday! I'm ready for things to start slowing back down!

And we're off to start the 3rd month of this homeschool year already! Hope yours is going well!

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