Thursday, September 22, 2005

Random stuff!

We started back to school yesterday after our vacation!

Bubba: I gave him the Reading Reflex diagnostic test and got some pretty unusual and disquieting results. He scored more poorly than I thought he would. And even more poorly than I think he is capable of reading. So I'm going to be working more deliberately on his decoding and blending skills. He started Sequential Spelling yesterday and so far he loves it! His story today from his Tales from Far & Near (Calvert supplementary reader) was King Arthur, and we sat down to read it and he goes "Oh I love this story!" That made my heart skip a beat for sure! Math and Handwriting were the only other things he has done.

Princess: She started on the Sonlight Core 2 readers (well not the Beginners Bible because she read that one last year). She chose Frog and Toad All Year. She read 2 of the stories yesterday and one today. Her math is super easy, she's doing her handwriting and today she asked if we could start with grammar! Go figure! I'm combining lessons in First Language Lessons quite a bit more with her than I did with Austin. But that's not a problem! I decided to get her another Explode the Code workbook, since she's not doing the RWP from the Calvert lessons. We went down to the School Box today and they only had book 5, 6, and 8. But to my surprise, it looks like book 5 will be right on target. I'm a bit concerned about the writing in it, but I'm prepared to modify! While we were there she saw The Wizard of Oz in "Illustrated Classics" version and begged for it! Being the good mom I am, I purchased it! :) She started reading it right away and I'm all for that! (I also bought Bubba a Step Into Reading book about baseball!)

Peanut: She got a surprise at the School Box too! While I was looking at the ETC workbooks, the kids played at the train table and Reece wandered over to the sand/water table. No sand it in but it was full of these little pompon balls, like for crafts! She asked if we could take some home! LOL So I found her a big bag of them in all shapes and colors. I figure we can use them for sorting games!

That's all we've been up to this week! Next week we'll get back into a good groove and add some history and science back into our days! :) Oh, and I am gearing up to resume Spanish as well!! WOOHOO!

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