Sunday, September 04, 2005

About Bubba

You know, it seems that most of what I put up here about Bubba is somewhat negative. Yes, he has many many challenges and always has, but he does some pretty cool stuff. So that's what this post is about!

1. He can find his way around a Bible better than I can! I was watching him today during the service looking for the book of Eclesiastes (not sure if that is spelled right!) and he got to it much faster than I did! He continued all service to go back and forth between the Old and New Testaments with ease!

2. Despite all his struggles with reading, he always volunteers to read passages from the Bible during Sunday School and at AWANA! Today he read a passage that was 6 verses long! He isn't afraid to try when it comes to the Bible, and he has been blessed with some very nice church teachers who are encouraging and help him with the words without making him feel bad.

3. He volunteered to lead the teams in prayer after his baseball game last week. He does this often!

4. He has a natural gift for playing the drums! He hears things in music that I couldn't begin to hear!

5. He has become a really good baseball player! It didn't come naturally to him but he worked very hard and has gotten very good, especially in the last year. He earned the chance to play 2nd base/shortstop/1st base this fall season, and was placed in the 2nd batting position!

So there you have a few neat things about my oldest!


LisaQuing said...

Focusing on the positive always helps, in my opinion! Keep it coming!

"Merci" said...

Oh that is SOOOOO COOL! WTG Bubba! You are such a smart kid! I can just "feel" it when your mama talks about you! You're a lot like my ds - you can see, think, feel, and hear things that others can't .. and I think that's a gift God gave to him and to you. I'm proud of you. :) Your "Auntie" from Oklahoma

Anonymous said...

Y'all take care of my name sake there.HAHAA. Actually nice to hear that another bubba is on the way.