Thursday, September 22, 2005

7 things!

Got this from Lisa's blog! It was fun! Try it, and make sure to link me to your blog so I can check out your lists!

7 things I plan to do before I die:
1. Spend a night away from the kids alone with my husband! ;)
2. Go to every major league baseball park
3. Go to the Holy Land
4. Go to Hawaii
5. Mentor moms (not sure how or who, but it's in my mind)
6. Buy a home on St. George Island, FL (I can dream!)
7. Memorize a whole chapter in the Bible

7 things I can do:
1. make a budget
2. balance a checkbook
3. obsess over homeschool curriculum
4. make Slop
5. find 5 new ways to get anywhere
6. recite most of the Pirates of the Caribbean movie!
7. country line dance

7 things I cannot do:
1. sing on key
2. stop worrying
3. crochet
4. sew
5. write quickly in cursive
6. understand The Matrix ;)
7. drive over long bridges

7 things that attract me to the opposite sex (or things I notice):
1. eyes (have you seen my husbands??)
2. butts in jeans ;)
3. upper backs
4. smiles
5. politeness
6. respectful
7. mumbling (Just Kidding!)

7 things I say most often:
1. Cool!
2. Jiminy Christmas!
3. Oh for Pete's Sake!
4. We don't get what we want by whining and crying!
5. Give me your eyes! (that's pay attention, we don't have removable eyes here!)
6. I don't think I can do this!
7. Yep!

7 celebrity crushes (past and present)
1. Johnny Depp ('only a little')
2. Sean Bean
3. Matthew McConaughey
4. Tom Glavine (former Braves pitcher, current Mets pitcher)
5. John Taylor (guitar player from Duran Duran, in 7th grade)
6. Viggo Mortensen
7. Shaun Cassidy (when I was in first grade!)

Random stuff!

We started back to school yesterday after our vacation!

Bubba: I gave him the Reading Reflex diagnostic test and got some pretty unusual and disquieting results. He scored more poorly than I thought he would. And even more poorly than I think he is capable of reading. So I'm going to be working more deliberately on his decoding and blending skills. He started Sequential Spelling yesterday and so far he loves it! His story today from his Tales from Far & Near (Calvert supplementary reader) was King Arthur, and we sat down to read it and he goes "Oh I love this story!" That made my heart skip a beat for sure! Math and Handwriting were the only other things he has done.

Princess: She started on the Sonlight Core 2 readers (well not the Beginners Bible because she read that one last year). She chose Frog and Toad All Year. She read 2 of the stories yesterday and one today. Her math is super easy, she's doing her handwriting and today she asked if we could start with grammar! Go figure! I'm combining lessons in First Language Lessons quite a bit more with her than I did with Austin. But that's not a problem! I decided to get her another Explode the Code workbook, since she's not doing the RWP from the Calvert lessons. We went down to the School Box today and they only had book 5, 6, and 8. But to my surprise, it looks like book 5 will be right on target. I'm a bit concerned about the writing in it, but I'm prepared to modify! While we were there she saw The Wizard of Oz in "Illustrated Classics" version and begged for it! Being the good mom I am, I purchased it! :) She started reading it right away and I'm all for that! (I also bought Bubba a Step Into Reading book about baseball!)

Peanut: She got a surprise at the School Box too! While I was looking at the ETC workbooks, the kids played at the train table and Reece wandered over to the sand/water table. No sand it in but it was full of these little pompon balls, like for crafts! She asked if we could take some home! LOL So I found her a big bag of them in all shapes and colors. I figure we can use them for sorting games!

That's all we've been up to this week! Next week we'll get back into a good groove and add some history and science back into our days! :) Oh, and I am gearing up to resume Spanish as well!! WOOHOO!

Monday, September 19, 2005

Sea Turtles!

OK, so it's mostly just a nest! St. George Island is big for the Sea Turtles! So much that they don't even have street lights, and you're asked to turn off all lights at 9 PM so that the light won't confuse the little critters! We checked back several times during our stay but these guys didn't hatch before we left.

::sigh:: and I was really hoping to rope a couple of them, latch them together and make a raft. Wonder what I could use for rope? ;)

Aye, Sea Turtles!

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Now I know why Capn Jack wants that horizon!

That's the view from the condo where we stayed last week! I'll have more pictures and stuff to talk about later! Still trying to catch up from being gone!

Don't forget tomorrow is Talk Like a Pirate Day, mates! Savvy??

Saturday, September 10, 2005

You have reached the Black Pearl Academy!

I'm sorry, but nobody is available to post to this blog. Please leave a message, and I will return your comments in a week when I get back from vacation!

Now, bring me that horizon! :)

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Am I really supposed to do school??

We're 48 hours out from our big beach vacation!! How on earth am I supposed to stay focused and get our school work done? LOL All I can think of is sand and ocean and hurricanes that need to just go AWAY! :)

We'lll do bare mimimum today, and call it 'beach fever'!

Sunday, September 04, 2005

About Bubba

You know, it seems that most of what I put up here about Bubba is somewhat negative. Yes, he has many many challenges and always has, but he does some pretty cool stuff. So that's what this post is about!

1. He can find his way around a Bible better than I can! I was watching him today during the service looking for the book of Eclesiastes (not sure if that is spelled right!) and he got to it much faster than I did! He continued all service to go back and forth between the Old and New Testaments with ease!

2. Despite all his struggles with reading, he always volunteers to read passages from the Bible during Sunday School and at AWANA! Today he read a passage that was 6 verses long! He isn't afraid to try when it comes to the Bible, and he has been blessed with some very nice church teachers who are encouraging and help him with the words without making him feel bad.

3. He volunteered to lead the teams in prayer after his baseball game last week. He does this often!

4. He has a natural gift for playing the drums! He hears things in music that I couldn't begin to hear!

5. He has become a really good baseball player! It didn't come naturally to him but he worked very hard and has gotten very good, especially in the last year. He earned the chance to play 2nd base/shortstop/1st base this fall season, and was placed in the 2nd batting position!

So there you have a few neat things about my oldest!

Saturday, September 03, 2005

First Month Reflections

OK, now that I have a minute to sit down, I can reflect on our first month of school! What I learned is that I should never again take a two month long summer break! :) It was necessary this summer, but we just can't do that again! Also, I really like the 4 day week this year, rather than schooling 5 days and taking a whole week off every 4-6 weeks!

First, reflecting on Princess: I have to admit I majorly screwed up in selecting Calvert 1st grade for her! I had no idea she is such a strong reader! I thought the reading would be a 'little bit' easy but not insultingly so! I am just stunned! It's completely my fault, though. I knew I hadn't given her the academic attention she deserved, so I should expect that I wouldn't be aware of her capabilities. She will finish her Calvert readers this coming week (she could have last week but I need a few extra days to organize an order for the Sonlight readers she will attack next, and we'll get to that after our vacation!). The math will do, since I found the new place for her to start. She'll finish the intro to addtion this week and pick up subtraction when we return from vacation. She really enjoys the science and history so I'll continue that! We'll start in with cursive sometime in January! Her printing has really come along nicely!

Now, reflecting on Bubba: He isn't doing too bad, really, for someone who completely shut off his brain for the summer! ;) He continues to struggle pulling information from materials he listens to or reads, so I am pursuing some testing for him. I'm going to start with auditory processing testing, since his teacher back in public school K 4 years ago mentioned that to me, but he was too young to be tested for it. After that, I'm not sure. In the meantime, I'm going to work diligently with him on how to find/listen for information in a passage. He will also start the Reading Detective Beginnings book. He's doing great with composition and I'm having him write narrations for the Calvert stories rather than having him write out the answers to the questions found in the text, like the Calvert lessons suggest. The Spelling CD isn't going over very well. He is missing alot of words and because he is such a perfectionist, it is extremely discouraging to him. I'm pondering my options. Math is going well! I can honestly say he learned something new this week in math! ;) He also enjoys science and history and mythology, but like I mentioned earlier, he is having a hard time with comprehension.

And finally, reflecting on Peanut: she's definitely not ready for formal academic work, beyond what we're doing for her speech. She likes to 'play preschool' either at the table or with her sister, but she's not ready like Princess was at this age for the Explode the Code primers. She has alot of developmental ground to cover first, and I will try not to worry if she doesn't start the primers until Kindergarten. But honestly, I'd be happier for her to start next fall for Pre-K. We'll just have to see how she grows over this next year. She's done very well this last month, playing while we're doing school. She loves the playdoh and Color Wonder the best, and I had to restock the Color Wonder paper and get new playdoh. (She mixes all the colors together and it just makes me crazy... but she likes it!). I think she is finally getting used to all of her new activities (AWANA and therapy), just in time to start gymnastics next Friday! lol

I think we had a very good first month of school, overall! We have a short week this coming week, with daddy home Monday and a swimming playdate scheduled for Tuesday. We'll be taking a week off next week to go to the beach, but I have a beach unit that we'll do while we're down there. It's really not anything terribly involved, though so they likely won't even know we're doing anything at all! I'm looking so forward to this vacation!!! :)