Saturday, August 13, 2005

Week 2 in review!

Well, this week was certainly crazier than the first week! I'm actually contemplating for next year not starting school until after Labor Day so we can get used to our AWANA and Fall Ball schedules!! :)

We started back to AWANA this past week with a new church and it was fantastic! This is a small AWANA program. They have fewer children in the entire program than my son had in his class last year at the old church! I absolutely love it! I hope the rest of the year continues to be as nice as the first evening went! Peanut went for the first time too, and it just amazes me that she is old enough to actually go to AWANA! It seems like just yesterday she was born and we were embarking on his homeschooling journey! And now, she's jumping on board with us!

Bubba and my Princess started Fall Ball this week as well! This is Princess' first season of ball, and it's sort of surprising because she's such a girly-girl! I wasn't expecting her to want to play! This is Bubba's 4th ball season (they do Spring and Fall here), but they changed the cutoff date so now instead of being the very youngest each season he will be in the middle, to one of the oldest! The boys seem to be much more of a normal size this time around! LOL! In the spring, the boys were nearly as tall as my husband!!

Monday we took the day off to have our 4th annual "Not Going Back to School" party at Chuck E Cheese. It is always the first day of public school. The reason I did it the first year was because I was afraid without someplace to go, I would run Bubba over to the nearest public school! I actually did cry when the bus went by without him! This homeschooling thing was such a foreign idea to me! I can't believe this starts our 4th year of homeschooling! Time is flying!

The rest of the week is a blur of school work, seeing my mom who was in town on business, husband being home one day when he shouldn't and gone alot when he should have been home, and of course, ball practice! And Peanut was coming down with a cold, but I didn't know it yet! So come Friday morning, this little engine completely gave out! I called school off for the day, and we went to the square for another Brown Bag Lunch concert. This time it was a magician and he was very funny! I wish they had these into the fall! It was alot of fun! We were joined by the R family again, and it was nice to see them! We had another ball practice last night, and then came home and Peanut showed the full-blown (no pun intended!) effects of her cold. Sorry R family if we gave any germs to you! :(

Peanut and I stayed home today and dh took the big ones to ball practice! It was a nice day to play around with her! I think she had fun with the run of the house! :)

And since I haven't mentioned it lately: Yes, I still am loving using Calvert! I am not the least bit worried about whether or not we're doing enough for school! It's such a measure of peace of mind for me! And it really helps on those days when I don't feel motivated to do school... I know all I have to do is open up the manual and follow the directions! And I'm not quite as worried about it been too easy for Princess anymore. The pace is really fast, and honestly, if she weren't such a strong reader I wonder if she'd be able to keep up! They expect alot of reading out of these little first graders! :)

So now I'm updated! I'll try not to wait next time until it's the 3rd week update! ;)

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