Saturday, August 06, 2005

Our First Week in Review!

Well, we definitely had a great first week!! I can't describe in words how much Calvert is helping me to relax this year about whether or not we're doing enough! It's such a blessing to me! The pace is a bit difficult to keep up with at times, but our schedule is a real help! On the days both kids have science experiments though, I believe someone (probably Bubba) will have to do their experiment in the afternoon after rest time!

Bubba has worked hard this week, and he's done really well! He LOVES the notecard making for science and geography! He did very well with the first composition assignments, even though he complained about the amount of writing! But he did it! :) I am a bit concerned about him when he replies to questions that test his comprehension. Sometimes he answers things that don't even relate to the question. I remember his Kindergarten teacher in Public School mentioning that as well! Anyway, I'm going to ask Peanut's Speech Therapist if she can test for Auditory Processing problems, or if that's what the audiologist does. In the meantime, I'm going to watch this more closely! I started reading him Owls in the Family! What a neat story!

His favorite thing from school last week was the science experiments!

Princess has done very well, too! Her work is totally easy so far! She is doing fairly well with her assignment sheet, better than I expected anyway! And her printing is really, really so much better than it was last year! I taught how to write her name in cursive the first day and she's writing it every chance she gets!! She has seemed to enjoy the stories in reading, but she is totally over the patterning chapter in math! Thankfully, she is finished with it! I read Mary on Horseback to her this first week, and started B is for Betsy! It wasn't on our original list, but I had purchased it from Sonlight for Bubba's reading last year and it was too hard. Anyway, someone mentioned it on the WTM board as a book about a little girl going into first grade, so it was very appropriate!

Her favorite thing from school last week was learning to write her name in cursive!

Peanut did so much better during school too! She didn't spend nearly the time on my lap that she has in previous school years! I didn't do as well as I wanted to with her floortime, but that is a work in progress! She loved playing with the new toys I bought for school, and also she loved getting at the playdoh every day! It's definitely a big change from homeschooling with her last year!! I can see the light at the end of the tunnel... it's gonna get easier and easier with her being part of the homeschool!

If I had to guess, I think her favorite thing from school last week was the playdoh, or maybe the aquadoodle!

As for me, the peace of mind from using Calvert has been priceless! It's definitely more work than we're used to, but not overwhelmingly so. It's probably not a fair judge yet because I haven't had to do much in the way of teaching with Princess! But I do appreciate having the discussion/comprehension questions with their reading and other subjects! And I forgot how much I like Calvert Math! We'll see if Bubba is able to keep pace with it this year! I don't worry about that with Princess! I was really really tired by the end of the week though! If we do not have Bible Study this fall, then we may go to a 4 day school week!

My favorite thing from school last week was not worrying whether or not we were doing 'enough'!

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