Wednesday, August 24, 2005


That word has been foremost in my mind for this last week. What makes a home? What makes a homeschool? What makes a homeschool different from a home school? Is there a difference? Now before I even start, it's important to note that what I'm saying is from my own head! I'm sort of typing out my thoughts as they come. Welcome to stream-of-consciousness on the Black Pearl!

OK, that article I wanted everyone to read and think about! It prompted so much thinking from me! There has always been a chasm between the mom/homeschool mom I want to be and the mom/homeschool mom I seem to be by default. I'm not sure why that happens, or how, or how to fix that. For example, a classical model for education really appeals to me... and implementing it with a WholeHeart/Charlotte Mason approach just gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling all over! And my reality: Calvert. :) Calvert has been a very big blessing in many ways this year, because I'm not sure how much school we would get done. But something that is becoming very evident as our school days continue is that it's not the schedule that's helping me get school done, nor the lesson manual. It's ME getting it done. It's me saying, "OK, kids, we've still got science and history to do!" It's me gathering the materials we need for science, and being willing to do it. So in short, the planning is not my problem. Implementation is my problem. I can implement with Calvert or without Calvert. Since I have spent the money on Calvert, obviously I'll be implementing WITH Calvert this year! (Relax my wonderful husband! LOL I'm not switching gears again! We're Calvert users this entire school year!) That information is just, um, informational!

OK, the home thing... we're just never here. I want our home to be a place of peace and refuge. Those are the words that keep coming to me: home and peace. Last night I attended the last of a series of WholeHeart workshops that I've been attending locally. The theme was 'habits, discipleship, character'. The moms who spoke about those topics kept reiterating that we really have to be close in our own walk with God, to be able to model that for our children, and to be able to take advantage of the teachable moments for our children! It seems so simple and yet I'm just clueless! I live in an area that is very active. You could literally pick from so many options for homeschoolers that you might never actually be home. That is such a blessing, I know! How wonderful to have the opportunities available and have to make choices! But that's where I have such a hard time is in making the choices! I want my kids to have all sorts of opportunities and I don't know where to draw the line.

Right now, I feel we're over-extended but I don't know how to drop anything. I do know I can't say 'yes' to anything else that's a regular committment, which means we're going to miss seeing our friends at Bible Study. :( My kids just don't do well with running all over the place. Peanut especially takes several days to 'come back' from a day that's just too busy and full. She's been like this forever, and today her OT told me that she just might be a child who needs a slower pace. It was so ironic that her OT said that on today of all days! I wish I knew how to actually slow things down and do that!

Well, it's been over an hour since I started this post! I got up to answer the phone, then finish our school work! So my train of thought has derailed! LOL! I'll have more to say later, I'm sure! ;)


Anselm's Apprentice said...

At HSLDA this morning, we were praying for all the homeschool moms who are starting up a new school year. We prayed specifically for oone fruit of the Spririt: PEACE.

May God's peace make your home all it can be this year!

Anonymous said...

Hey Niffer,

I am at work for one short evening during my camping vacation and thought I would check your blog. I love the things you've written! Some good insights into problems I can relate to as well. Can't wait to chat with you - hopefully sometime this weekend!


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