Monday, August 01, 2005

First Day of School

Well, the schedule was a big hit!! It flowed nicely, and really the morning just flew by! I think the times I allowed are going to work well, with adjustment! I understand some lessons might require more time than others so we will be able to be flexible within the framework! The kids really enjoyed "Recess" and "Snack Time"! Anyway, I'm so glad for that schedule... it gives us all just the knowledge of what comes next when!

The big kids did great with their assignment sheets! Princess was very proud of herself to have an assignment sheet! :) The Peanut had a hard time adjusting to all of us being busy again, but playdoh and an Aquadoodle entertained her for most of the morning! I highly recommend the Aquadoodle!

It was a very nice first day!

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