Monday, August 29, 2005

A brand new day!

Can you believe August is nearly over? It seems this first month of homeschooling is just flying by! I am really looking forward to the fall though, I have to admit! I love the cooler weather and the changes that come with fall! It's my very favorite season I think! I love pumpkins and hay rides and Thanksgiving! And I really love fall clothing like sweaters and jeans and boots!! Mostly this fall I'm looking forward to cooking and baking fall foods... especially breads! I think the big kids are old enough now to help with the baking!

I'll formally evaluate our first month of homeschooling on Thursday, but overall I can tell you it's been very positive! I can tell you one important thing I've learned: never take a 2 month break from school! LOL It was very necessary for me to process all that was going on with Peanut, but it didn't help Bubba one bit! Poor guy has forgotten nearly everything! He has struggled with what should be review with Calvert math, and tomorrow he's actually going to learn something new. I think he'll be OK though...and I think he'll pick it up quickly! I hope he does anyway! :)

Princess was given free reign of her readers on Thursday of last week and since that time she's finished 2 of them and is halfway through the 3rd. There are only 5 for the whole first grade curriculum! Oh, well... it doesn't matter! She's happy, and loving reading and that's all that matters! I'll find her something else to read!

Peanut wants to 'do school, too!' so she's been joining us at the table or has been getting home preschool from her siblings. Princess is in charge of storytime and 'lessons' and art. Bubba is in charge of PE! Nothing better than getting two sensory-sensitive children together and letting them bounce off each other for some self-therapy! :)

It's late and sleep awaits me! Will write more tomorrow!

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