Wednesday, August 17, 2005

AWANA and math

AWANA went well tonight! The kids are all wound up though... it's nearly 10 and they are ALL still awake! I don't think school will be starting on time here tomorrow! :) There was a slightly larger crowd than last week! I think maybe 7 or 8 Cubbies, same number of Sparks, and alot more T&Ters. I think there were maybe 11 of them this time, compared to 4 last time!

Now as for math... while I waited for the kids to finish AWANA I was able to address Princess' mathematics concern. Yesterday she asked me when we were going to do 'real MATH'. She's bored with Calvert 1st grade math, at least the beginning of it. As much as she did not like MUS last year, she did at least consider that to be 'real math'! LOL So I looked through the book and bumped her up by 20 lessons! I think those will be fairly easy as well, but it's introducing ways to attack addition, so I want her to understand how Calvert approaches it. It appears to be very similar to how MUS approached it though, so it shouldn't be difficult! And maybe she will be happy to have some 'real math' tomorrow! ;)

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LisaQuing said...

I wondered if there might be a few more at AWANA this week. Still is a nice small group!

Sounds like you've really listened to Riley and came up with a workable plan! How is she liking her "real math" today?